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ACR Artex

ACR ResQLink 410 RLS Personal Locator Beacon - NZ PLB

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Your Trustworthy Adventure Partner: ACR ResQLink 410 RLS PLB

Innovation Meets Durability Embrace the wilderness with the ACR ResQLink 410 RLS PLB, a beacon of safety designed for the daring. This Personal Locator Beacon is the epitome of innovation and robustness, ensuring you're always connected, no matter how remote your journey.

Advanced RLS Functionality Stand out with the ResQLink 410's intuitive Return Link Service (RLS) feature. Unlike standard PLBs, it acknowledges the reception of your distress signal, assuring you with a flashing blue light that help is on the way.

Engineered for the Extremes Rigorously tested, the ResQLink 410 RLS is resilient and buoyant, ready for any challenge nature throws your way. Its compact design doesn't require a subscription, making it a constant companion for both professional and recreational adventurers.

Precision in Emergencies Equipped with triple-signal technology including GPS, 406 MHz, and 121.5 MHz homing capability, this beacon ensures rapid, accurate location transmission. Night or low-visibility conditions are no barrier, thanks to its integrated strobe and infrared lights.

Reliability in Every Environment Whether scaling peaks, exploring uncharted territories, or sailing the open seas, the ResQLink 410 RLS is your reliable partner. Easy to activate, it guides rescuers to within 100 meters of your position, while a digital display keeps you informed every step of the way.

Versatile for All Adventures From leisurely hikes to solo kayaking and biking, the ResQLink 410 RLS fits every adventure. Its buoyant design and easy-to-deploy antenna merge lightweight durability with reliability.

Gear Up for Safety Enhance your adventure gear with the ACR ResQLink 410 RLS PLB. It's not just a beacon; it's your lifeline in the great outdoors.

Features and Benefits:

  • No Subscription Required, register your beacon at
  • Return Link Service (RLS) Functionality
  • GPS | Galileo GNSS
  • Built-In Buoyancy
  • Built-in strobe light
  • Built-in infra-red strobe to assist rescuers with night vision goggles
  • Global Coverage
  • MEOSAR Compatible
  • Small and lightweight
  • 5-year battery life
  • 24 hours minimum transmission time**
  • Made in the USA
  • Weight: 148g
  • Dimensions: 114.8(h) x 51.6(w) x 37.8(d) mm

**Based on a test report from an accredited laboratory

Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Reassurance obtained.

Very prompt delivery. Amazing product, clear instructions. Great price. All positive. Thanks team.

Alexandre Che
Very fast delivery and good price

I had to use a PLB last year and got rescued by helicopter thanks to an ACR PLB (the little yellow one) that 2 hikers set off for me, while crossing the same river as us. So I've decided to buy one as this thing saves your life. Advento had a great deal and got my parcel delivered so quickly. Cheaper than other websites/shops and easy to set up. Perfect!

Phillip Owen
what i had expected

The 410 is just as i had expected as i have had a 400 previously the pouch is very well made and well priced

Julie Graham
Great service for an amazing product I hope we don’t have to use 👍

My son has taken himself off tramping solo . With the resQlink … I have peace of mind .

Dagmar Fikken
fast delivery

The beacon arrived in the mail very fast! It's been on a couple of walks already, small and light and easy to carry. Have not had to use it yet, so can't comment on how well it works!?

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