Outdoor survival tool, long-distance communication, Multifunctional, Portable EDC Camping Hiking Tool, pointing function, use as a mirror


Mirror size: 75 x 50 x 5.5mm


Acrylic material 

light and durable
Accurate and fast signal transmission
Signal mirror + center aiming hole

* Single-handed the mirror, aim the mirror surface at the light source, so that the light is reflected on the palm of the other hand;

* Keep the relative position, move the center aiming hole of the signal mirror to the eye, through the aiming hole you can clearly see a bright spot, this is the front sight;

*Slowly shake the signal mirror to make the light spot coincide with the target that needs to be communicated, and the target will accurately see the reflective signal sent by you;

*When you can't see a clear communication target, sweep the front sight to and fro along the horizon. Even in a foggy day, you can see the reflective signal tens of kilometers away.

Can be used as a mirror, equipped with a lanyard, easy to carry


Luminous effect
The back side of the signal mirror has a built-in fluorescent material. The fluorescent material can store light energy after being irradiated by natural light, fluorescent light, ultraviolet light, etc., and after the light is stopped, it will slowly be released in the form of fluorescence, so at night or Glowing can still be seen in dark places, and the duration varies depending on the intensity and duration of light.


Survival Signal Mirror