The MA-49-1T is an entry level compass designed for outdoor fans and meets the educational demands of schools, scout groups. This is a Map compass with an upgraded luminous system, a comfortable, Turnable bezel and full size scale. It can be used perfectly with map and GPS. durable, accurate and configured for the southern hemisphere
Kanpas supply and sponsor the orienteering sector worldwide.

There are many compass manufacturers globally and not all can adhere to quality.
Like us, I am sure you’ve spent quite a bit of money on gear over the years, that turns out to be junk!

Kanpas are proven and are favoured by national teams in world orienteering championships. (Google them!!)
– The scales and readings are easy to read.
– Declinations are on the bottom of the capsule (avoiding common errors with map work).
– It has a full-size baseplate with magnifier.
Hemisphere:  Southern
Capsule:          Standard Needle
Dial:                 0-360 deg (2 deg increments)
Bezel:              Black on White
Scale:               1:10000 / 1:15000 / 1:25000 / 1:40000 / 1:50000 / 1:63360
Rule:               0-90 mm / 0-2 inches
Magnifier:      Standard
Luminous:     Yes
Declination:  Adjustable
Size:               108*60*11 mm
Weight:         43.8g

Map Compass – Kanpas MA-49-1T

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