USB rechargeable Lighter, Long Kitchen Electronic Lighter, Windproof Plasma Electric ARC Lighter 


360 Degree Flexible Neck Electric Lighter

Total Length 250cm

Features:Windproof, Flameless, Rechargeable, 360 Degree Rotation

Application :BBQ, Camp Fire, Outdoor Camping, Fishing, Hiking

Flame Type:Plasma Arc

Powered by a rechargeable battery. .

USB Rechargeable Lighter can be charged by connecting to any device with a USB port.

Windproof Design- No gas or fuel required, easy to use. You could light up in a hurricane if you so choose!

Ergonomic Design and Anti-Slip Handle- Lighter is comfortable to grip and with the Quick Lighting Technology, there's no more fumbling around trying to light up.

Absolutely Safe- Lighter will automatically power off after 10 seconds when not in use.

Stylish Design and Appearance- Don't let the delicate design fool you, these lighters are made of good quality material, which means they're sturdy and not easily damaged.

Compact Size- This lighter is easy to carry and is perfectly suited for camping, BBQ, candles, fireworks and more. It's suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

Safe & Durable- Lighter features a safety-lock with child-proof on/off switch.

Safe and practical, the Li-ion battery can be ignited more than 500 times when fully charged. The long, adjustable neck can be rotated 360° degrees, making it easy to reach into deep openings, Its compact size makes it easy to carry and it's perfectly suited for camping, BBQ, candles, etc.


5 indicator lights will stay on when it is fully charged.

Once charged completely it will hold a enough charge to light up a cigarette up to 500 times on that charge.

Electric Lighter That Requires No Flame, No Butane, And No Hassle!

The Eco Friendly Eco-Lighter is simple to use, safe and reliable. It is a great gift for yourself or your friends!

Have a hard time using traditional lighters that require finger and hand strength. this Arc rechargeable lighter is perfect ! You just push up the safety cover,press the power


360 Degree Flexible Arc Lighter